Thursday, October 28, 2010

From Grama Di

Wen told me she'd like me to post a blog during this trip -- where do I start?

She has kept the blog updated w/ pictures and details of our activities so there is really nothing I can add to that. It has been an adventure for sure.

When we are on base I forget that I am on the other side of the world. It almost reminds me of when I was growing up. All the neighbors know each other, kids play together, even take each others' toys home for the night. People stop by just to say hey, or can you watch my kids while I run to the PO or grocery for a minute. It's a warm, safe place.

Then you go thru the gate ... ID's checked coming and going ... it's a whole different world. The traffic is INSANE! We went out the other night and I saw some things that had me w/ my hands over my eyes. Someone went into a 'round about' from the outside lane in front of JB; a motorcycle came so close between 2 cars, horns honk if you pause a nanosecond at the light. Yet, in all the insanity, we have yet to see an accident. YIKES. South Florida seems mild in comparison.

I have seen how some of the Turkish people live. They have so little and yet are so content. They are warm, loving people. They light up when Wendi speaks to them in their language and do their best to communicate with her. They attach themselves to you in a store and if you touch something, they pull it out to show you and someone follows behind them folding it up and putting it away.

They LOVE children! I love children! Especially two little boys. It is busy but so fun. Wendi has let me have the monitor in my room so I get to go in and get the snuggles before anyone gets up. We go downstairs and read books and do puzzles until others start moving. We have been to parks and play groups and walks w/ the wagon or stroller, kissing boo boos, chasing them thru the grass, laughing and wrestling. Then to hear Isaac say "Hi Grama Di", or "I waked up" or "I love you more" in response to my "I love you Isaac John."And Elijah brightening up when I say "wanna do a puzzle" or go for a walk or play tent. It's constant activity.

By 10:00 a.m. Joan and I look at each other and cannot believe the day isn't gone. We are so tired but hating to see them go to bed. Last night they were in bed by 7:30 and I swear it felt like 9:00! Brings back a lot of memories!!!

It has been so great to see the support system around Wendi and John. Everywhere they go, they make it home and settle in w/ good friends. Her housekeeper let me know that she will keep an eye on Wendi and the boys so I don't have to worry. That lady is so special!

Watching Wendi work the language and working hard to communicate (and doing a great job at it!) is so fun to watch. Seeing John and Wendi loving and training these special little guys has been such a gift. Like I have said before, the thing I love about Wendi and John is that they make home where they are. They miss family but rarely do I hear them talk about how they wish they were in Florida, Minnesota, or Kentucky. They seem to know that this is where God has them now and they make it home. I love that.

I have discovered that I am an American girl! This has been fun and an adventure but living overseas ain't for me. I'm looking forward to experiencing this with George one day. I know he misses his boys and they look for him on the computer. This time has made me thankful for my wonderful hubby, home, church, and church family! I am thankful for where God has placed us. I am so grateful for my support system in South Florida. That is my home.

But how thankful I am that I could experience this! I am truly blessed. Saying good bye to the boys will be tough but we made some fun memories and Wen's blog will keep the memories alive. I am amazed at what Isaac remembers about the time he was at our house a few months ago. God has always seemed to make a way that we can find some time together.

Thanx John and Wendi, Isaac, Elijah, Scrubby and Joan! This has been a vacation of a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

Really sweet post,Di.
Would love to be experiencing everything with you but don't know how I feel about the caves:) Under the tent making up stories with the guys is about my speed! (Though that hotel IN a cave looks awesome)!
Prayers for a safe return home,

Sophia said...

Very sweet words! I am really glad that you all had the oppurtunity to visit with each other.

Brittny said...

How sweet!!! It makes me miss those two little boys even more! Seeing Wendi and the boys playing across the street filled my heart with so much joy!! And getting to run over with my two for a little play date to kill 5-15 minutes was such a blessing! Things have not been the same around here since they (and the others too) have left and they are all missed terribly. But I know that we have made life-long friendships so I can't be sad about that one bit! So glad you are getting to spend some time with them and give Isaac and Elijah kisses for me please!!!!!