Friday, October 01, 2010

Ipod Smiles

He's really full of it at this age.

Isaac now uses phrases like: "What's going on here?!" and "Woah baby!" He loves my friend Stebbins and when he saw her the other day said, "We gonna go to the Commissary Ms. Sarah?" He then went on to tell her that he needed to get some milk and orange juice.

Watching his language skills develop is so fun. We went out for dinner and as usual, the waiters wanted to take him on a tour of the restaurant. Isaac went with them willingly. But later, when they asked to take him again, he shook his head, tapped John's hand and said, "No thank you. I'm going to just sit here with my Daddy."

(Melted JB's heart just a little bit.)

He is using "very" a lot. In terms of: "I'm very hungry. I'm very cold." And even: "I'm very busy." Hmmm . . . I'd love to learn his qualification for the word busy.

He has also started to play with his toys and talk and imagine. And he's been doing the same thing with me. His new thing is to tell me that he's going to be Mommy and I'm going to be Isaac. "You be Isaac," he says. "And I be Mommy." It only lasts a few minutes before he wants to be called Isaac again. (Which still comes out I-Z).

When I told Isaac today, "Mommy is taking a five minute break," and wasn't going to hold him while I was typing an email, he instead asked if he could have some orange juice. When I got up to get it for him he started drinking it, paused, and said, "Now can I snuggle with you?"

Well ... shoot. Of course you can little man.

So much for sticking to my guns.

What a fantastic little boy he is. I feel "happy tired" every day as I raise him and am so thankful to be his mom.

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denise said...

:) So cute!

Soooo, some of us on here would like to know the little things you miss from the US. Things that were easy to get here, that you can't get there. For instance, a certain candy, bath item/scent, toothpaste, Dollar Tree items, snack, craft, toy, etc. (other than the milk thing) Just so those of us here know what to cherish!!!