Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Turkish Mom

I am so far behind on updating everyone "back home" on my visit with Joni and Grama Di. So forgive me for some random posts that are quite out of order.

On Friday of last week, we went over to Hatice's house for tea.

Me and Hatice. I love this gal!
Hatice with the boys.

Hatice with her two youngest daughters. Her oldest daughter is married with a baby in Istanbul and the other just got married a few weeks ago. These two are 15 and 17.

Hatice made both me, Joan, and my Mom head scarves! Hand made each of them. How wonderful. We had tea, cookies, and then walked over to the convenience shop her husband runs on the corner. I also talked to her sister-in-law who runs a tailor shop next door to the convenience shop about curtains in our living room. Hatice's husband is a wonderful guy and he gave the boys each a ball to take home!


Jess said...

Aw, so glad you have found a friend! She and her family seem incredibly sweet!

Anonymous said...

Tell her thank you for taking such good care of you when we can't:)
mom k