Thursday, October 21, 2010

A return to Tarsus

On Wednesday we were able to spend some time in Tarsus in the afternoon. I love visiting this area. Not only does it have incredible history, but it is just a peaceful and pleasant time. Not too crowded. Not too many things to try and "cram in." Wonderful! I think Joni and Grama Di felt the same way.

Joni attempted the shoulder carry but she was getting a bit too squished. The hardest thing about touring around here is that strollers really aren't able to be used. Too many steps and drops and bumps.

My Mom with her Isaac.

Here I am admiring some baklava. I ended up buying some and we all agreed that it was the best baklava any of us had ever eaten.

The "baklava-man" was excited to have his picture taken with me. I actually ordered in Turkish. Improving everyday.

This ancient road dates back to before Christ. We actually had a gal give us a description of the road and its history in English. What a treat. Unfortunately, since it was found right in the middle of downtown, they aren't going to be doing more excavating on it. If they did, they would find more and more of this road and the items surrounding it. She also explained that the sewer system they found in use was good enough to actually be used today.

Walking through the town. Shoulder carrying is really the easiest means of getting these two little men around.

Here are Joni and Grama Di at Paul's well.

Trying Turkey coffee which is very strong (so they shared a cup.)

On our way home, we stopped at this waterfall again. Love seeing this.

A picture of a Turkish couple by the waterfall. You can see why we stand out a ltitle bit here.


Anonymous said...

I love how the boys are holding hands in the first picture.

Anonymous said...

These are great-love seeing what a good time everyone is having!!
mom and dad k

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane! I'd love to be having a cup of that Turkish coffee w/ you and hearing you tell all about your experiences.
Wendi! sooo proud of your language learning --you could coast by w/ all you are adjusting to but you'll never regret it!
Joni -what fun you are all having! GBU all! Çok yaşal!