Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miners Rescued

We watch very little TV over here. For one thing, we've gotten out of the habit with turning off cable in Eglin before we left. For another thing, it's hard to figure out what is on when because of the time change and the fact that there aren't "set" stations. They'll put BBC on for a few hours, then switch it to FOX and then CNN. I never know what channel is which.

But I've been turning it on any chance I get to watch these miners in Chili come home. How wonderful for those families to have those 33 men back home. Praise the Lord!

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Susan said...

I agree about the miners! I was able to watch some of the rescue live on MSNBC on the computer. Just to see the joy on the faces of the men and their families was awesome! I had tears in my eyes just watching. Our God is truly an amazing God and I thanked Him for providing safety and protection.