Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Days of Summer

After we got back on Tuesday from our dolmuş adventure (scroll down to read about this shared via Joni), we decided to take a dip in the pool. Well, Joni and the boys did at least. It may turn out to be the last pool day for quite awhile as despite not wanting to come out, Isaac (who has significantly less adipose tissue than his younger brother) was shivering. I think the cooler temperatures are here to stay.

Have I mentioned recently how blessed we are by our wonderful backyard, frontyard, and sideyard? Seriously. So much space. Such beautiful green grass (nothing like the weed-grass we had in northern Florida.) I love our house and yard!

Here I am playing rope with Scrubs while Joni and Elijah splash and Isaac prepares to go down the slide. Look at that grass! Doesn't it look like carpet. That's due to God, a gardener, and Scrubs having grown up and not digging like crazy. The gardener even picks up poop from our yard. Amazing!

He's so kissable!

I pray he always sees life through these eyes.

Isaac discovered that he had power when he held the hose. Joni wasn't sure she liked his newly found power.

Poor Elijah. His head is so big that getting shirts on and off can be quite a bother. This one was so tight that it left his eyes quite squinty. He liked his hat though and walked around like this for quite awhile.

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