Monday, October 18, 2010

A dip into the culture

Sunday I decided to take Joni and Grama Di to the market. Since we still don't have our van (it should be here any day but I was sooooooo hoping it would be here by the time they got here), we only have room in the car for 5 people unless we take out the car seats. (Which is not against the law in Turkey. No one uses for car seats for their kids except the visiting Americans.) Anyways, to avoid this whenever we can, JB thought he would stay home and let us ladies run the show. I am conversing more readily each time we go but man this Turkish language is hard.

My mom and Isaac in front of one fo the hundreds of tables.

Isaac showing off the huge heads of cabbage which impressed Joni and Di as much as they impressed me the first time I saw them.

Trying to get ourselves situated. Elijah wasn't a very happy camper unfortunately so ring pops were called in to save the day.

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cbrueggie said...

gorgeous pics! looks like you're building all kinds of memories there!