Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Isaacisms

Isaac continues to crack us up with what he says. This morning I told him I had to change Elijah's sheets because he wet through. Isaac said to me, "I will help you Mommy." When we went into the bedroom he repeated his desire to help me and said, "I help you a bittle wit."

Yesterday we went to Tarsus! (Details to come.) The boys were in the backseat without car seats unfortunately. Kids don't use them in Turkey, and since you can't rent a vehicle bigger than a car and you can't borrow anyone else's vehicle (due to black market concerns), if we wanted to go, this was the only way. Elijah was sitting on my Mom's lap. Isaac was sitting on Joni's lap. Elijah asked to sit on Joni's lap and my Mom said, "No, it's Isaac turn." Isaac nodded and said, "I'll turn on Joni." We laughed as it sounded like he was saying he might turn and do something "bad" to Joni.

In the backseat of the car, I handed Joni a bill for 20 lira that I had borrowed to buy something. Isaac asked what it was and when Joni told him he said, "I love twenty lira."

And the Isaacisms are turning into Elijahisms. He is starting to say so much. He says "Turtle" so cutely -- more like "Tuttle." He also gets ver upset in the morning if I go to change his diaper and the light is too "bight! bight!" He is concerned if his room is "dak" when he goes to walk into it for bedtime. He will also say, "Show you" and take your hand to go somewhere. He'll say, "I don't want to," very quickly so it comes out "Inowantto." When we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider he does all the motions and then says, "washed out!" with great exuberance. He loves to do the "strong" muscles when we sing Jesus Loves Me. And one of our favorite things that Elijah does is the dancing I put on in a previous post. He gets so excited to dance and just goes crazy with glee. It's as if he can't contain himself and just must dance. So cute.

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