Monday, December 14, 2009

Stinky weather

Since moving to Florida, I have made it a point to not complain about the weather. After all, Rochester just got over a huge blizzard, and today, it is feels like -1 there. What is there to complain about here? Especially in the winter where you get 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, for months on end?

Well, I'll complain about this:

Foggy, drizzly, overcast weather for like a week. Just ucky. You can't go outside all day long because its muddy and wet. It's just not very nice weather. Unfortunately, a quick look at the weather online indicates we are going to get more of this the next few days before it goes away.

I'll just comfort myself by continually reminding myself that it is not -1. And Minnesotans, don't you dare try to tell me that -1 is better than the weather we are having right now. Nothing will make my buy that garbage! ;)

So, we have been inside. A lot. We've done a lot of online Christmas shopping and I've run a bunch of errands without the boys. Yesterday evening, we attended the final year residency Christmas party at Jodi's house (I didn't take any pics but I am sure Joia will have some up soon) and had a smashing good time! We actually dropped our boys off at our babysitter Mary's house since she lives just a few miles from Jodi's house. Mary's family has five kids so there was plenty of attention to go around.

I'll close for now with a few snapshots of our lives:

JB hanging out with the boys in the living room during a particularly rainy part of the weekend. We don't let the boys watch videos often, but I think we were giving Isaac a fifteen minute "Dorge" (aka "Curious George") fix. Elijah has been giving kisses lately, but you can tell by the look on JB's face that these kisses are known for an abundance of slobber. Cute but very wet!

Isaac always wants to have a toy with him while he eats. Since we have found it actually gets him to eat more since he eats while he plays, we usually let him. Usually it is a car, but yesterday, it was his giraffe. I had to get the camera out when I noticed he was feeding grapes to his giraffe! I think this is the beginnings of imagination?

Elijah where you can usually find him: underneath something. He spent about fifteen minutes playing with this car underneath the highchair.

Speaking of Elijah, as I've mentioned on the blog before, he is jabbering like crazy. No words but lots of grunting. Here's a video I took of him yesterday. Excuse the just-diaper-attire. I am not sure why he wasn't in clothes, but I am sure there was a reason. You'll see lots of jabbering as well as him in his favorite location: underneath the dining room table.


Erica said...

OK, I definitely don't claim to be a "Minnesotan" by any stretch of the imagination....but AT LEAST we have pretty snow to go with the bitter cold temperature!!! It's really pretty!!! Don't you miss it, Wendi?? :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

The snow? Absolutely? Freezing constantly for seven months? No.

They have snow in, say, New York. Very pretty. But not negatives months on end!! ;)

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

Love the jabbering! So with you on the weather!!

AW said...

Wen, I take great joy in watching my boys in the house in "just diaper" mode. Especially Monkey. Since he turned two, he has become exceptionally lanky and that baby fat is gone. Miss it. :-( So seeing him in his diaper reminds me that he's still got a little bit o' baby in him. Makes me happy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi!

I live in Northern Canada and today the temperature is -41 Celsius which is -41.8 Fahrenheit! Today is actually warmer than the last week or so. I think it is so funny to read of the 40s 50s and 60s weather, where we would be out suntanning in the "heat".:)
Anyways I love your blog and cute kids! Thank-you for being original and yourself on this blog instead of portraying a perfect life. I love reading your blog! God Bless-Sophia

Gabbs said...

Wendi, is -1 better than temps close to the 90's in December with lots of humidity?

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics.....