Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miscellaneous Pieces of Life

Yesterday I ventured back to the Commissary to retrieve my previously forgotten milk. Because of my good friend Joia, I was able to do so without kids in tow. (I was also able to stop at the library and post office but that really doesn't have anything to do with where I am going with this paragraph.)

And I am going somewhere by the way. Although, I have, incidentally, started a new paragraph.

Anyways, I was in the hygiene and medicine aisle, looking for some throat lozenges for JB. I passed an elderly black man, bending down, looking at the hairspray containers. He was on his cell phone and as I walked by him, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"No, honey," he was saying. "I don't see anything about control. I only see the volume. Is volume good enough?"

So funny! I guess we know who the shopper was in that family.

JB is the shopper in our family, but some little old man thought he was "working for the wife" when he was shopping before Thanksgiving. JB was at Publix. He had a list, as he often does, and was scouring the aisles. This little old man passed him, looked at his list and jokingly said, "A list? Ha. Amateur!" JB said he laughed out loud at that one too.

What is it with everyone being so funny at the grocery store?

What also is it about little kids asking me to pet Scrubs while I am running? It's one thing when I am taking a walk, but geezie peezie I hate stopping a run. And what do you say when a little six year old girl in braids says, "Ohhhh. Is that a fire dog? Can I pet 'em?" How do you say no? Do you say no? Today I said yes and four little kids came running across the street only to have their Mom come out of the house and lay into them about crossing the street without looking.

"I'm sorry," I yelled back across the street. "It's not your fault," the woman replied. "Well," I replied back. "I am a grown adult. I know that kids are supposed to look before they cross the street." She told me it wasn't my fault again and then took all her kiddos back in the house with her.

There's something else that is bothering me. Flying. Well not flying exactly. But airlines. Well not airlines exactly.

Well let me just tell you what the something is instead of trying to summarize.

Back at the beginning of August, we were voluntarily bumped from a flight from Denver to Eglin AFB. We received what we were told, were two vouchers worth $250 a piece. We have been trying to redeem them. Today, JB even went to the local airport to discuss this with the American Airlines folks in person since they don't keep voucher records to look them up over the phone. (Why the heck not?) They said that these were not vouchers. Then what are they? We were bumped and given these pieces of paper and told these were our vouchers to redeem our free flights, and now we are told that we don't have vouchers or free flights?

Anyways, I am a little miffed about this. JB is going to try to do some phone work on this later in the week. I just need to pray that the Lord gives us favor in redeeming what we know is ours.

JB also needs to do phone work on our new "Disney video membership." When someone stole our credit card number, they also signed us up for this membership that requires us to buy so many videos a year. We do not want to be Disney video members. So we have to try to get our membership revoked.

Other than all those miscellaneous pieces of life, there is nothing much more to report. Nearly all of my local wifia friends have already left town for the Christmas holiday. Only Jodi is still in town. And good thing too because she is going to babysit for me on Monday. My parents arrive on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, my Mom's parents are coming in! I am so blessed they are going to get to meet Elijah and see Isaac for the first time since he was four months old. How wonderful.

We will miss celebrating with JB's family but are extremely pleased that we are not travelling for the holidays!

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Jess said...

LOL...I love that the old man thought VOLUME would be a good substitute for CONTROL! Uh, no!

AA is a generally dependable airline flight-wise, BUT....BUT...the experiences I have had with their customer service have been just plain insane. We lost (permanently) all our luggage a few years ago on a return flight from Boston and it was AWFUL. They didn't want to pay hardly ANYTHING and we had all kinds of winter clothing (sweaters and stuff are EXPENSIVE! AND I had a pair of glasses and a pair of Doc Marten boots!) in there and it was ridiculous. I was so angry! I hope you get what's yours!! GOOD LUCK!