Thursday, March 27, 2008

Support WKU!

Don't forget that WKU's men's team plays tonight on CBS in the Sweet 16. Watch and cheer for Big Red! (That's big red there on the front page of today.)
Also, I was talking to my friend and former teammate Jaime W. today. She reminded me that her brother Jeff, who was the grad assistant at WKU when I was there, is now the head coach of Louisville's women's team. They are also in the Sweet-16 and play on Saturday at noon. As much as I hate to cheer for another Kentucky team, I'll be tuning in on Saturday to support Jeff!


Anonymous said...

Wendi- Good article on Jeff. Must read. If the below link doesn't work go to then go to women's basketball and then you should see a pic of Jeff.



Flakymn said...

Oh geeez Jaime! That article is GREAT! Man I miss Jeff and just miss his genuineness -- his stuttering is a big part of that to me -- it makes you feel so comfortable around him because he is so human. Anyways, I can't wait to see him win on Saturday!!!!