Sunday, November 18, 2007

They are here!

Hans and Rachel finally got a flight in at 8:15pm -- almost five hours later than planned. It was nice they flew in to Fort Walton airport. This airport is actually shares an air strip with the military so it "technically" on base. It is literally less than 10 minutes from our house to the airport. So we just waited until we had official confirmation that they had, in fact, finally, left Memphis and then waited another fort-five minutes and headed out. Well, actually, I headed out. JB had prepared a wonderful Indian meal that he didn't want to leave unattended so he waited for us at the house.

It is so wonderful to see Hans and Rachel and catch up with old friends. I feel like when Kelsey was here. There is just something about people who know you well that makes for such comfortable conversation. Rachel also gave me a few baby gifts! A hat, some socks, and a basketball rattle. We are starting to collect a few things which is a bit surreal.

We hope to go out on the boat and around Destin today. The weather looks like it will be great!

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TAV said...

don't forget- pics, pics, pics.... :) thanks for calling to rub it in that i'm not near the beach :) j/k. anyway, wish i were there with you (or you all were here, etc...)
happy thanksgiving, and have a wonderful weekend!!! lotsa love, tara