Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is Spinach dead?

This picture is sad. Is this really how it is? I went out to lunch today and the waitress made a point to tell us that they didn't use fresh spinach. Now I am not a huge spinach eater, but I am feeling really badly for all the spinach farmers out there! People have been eating spinach since the beginning of time! Will we never eat spinach again?!

Man, poor Popeye.


Anonymous said...

josh says...

tell me about it. I tried to order an awesome spinach-artichoke dip at Red Lobster and was DENIED!

I was mad...but then I ate cheese biscuits and all was right with the world!

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Indonesia we learned to soak our fresh veggies/fruit/raw things that would cause all these sicknesses that the "already washed clean spinach" makes us think can't/wont's happen -we soaked it in a vry light mixture of potassium pamangenate (sp?) --yep all our veggies. I think people could eat spinach if they washed it well -our friends soaked theirs in a bleach solution -how the other 1/2 lives - :) Jan