Sunday, October 08, 2006

It must be October

All right, the main reason Minnesota irks me (sorry Rachel and other natives)? There is no fall. There is no spring. There are really, honestly, only two seasons. WHAT HAPPENED TO FALL?

Seriously, yesterday, I was out jogging with shorts and sleeveless shirt. Today, I notice it's getting colder, and then JB tells me to check the weather. I do. Now this picture may be hard to see, but, oh my gosh, I see on Wednesday a word that starts with "s" and ends with "w" and rhymes with "blow"!

The leaves just started changing around here a little over a week ago. The temperatures have still been in the 70's, and suddenly, it's going to snow!!! What is WITH that. Now I know what you natives will say. "Don't worry. It'll warm up a bit and the leaves will keep changing, and we will have a beautiful fall!" WHATEVER! It isn't supposed to snow when some of the trees are still green. And I am not talking about the evergreen trees either people! Summer, winter, summer, winter, summer, winter. I need a spring and a fall people!

Okay, so I suppose it is very evident that is October when my post labels start having the word "weather" in it.


Anonymous said...

Wendi: I will try and not make a habit of this but I think you must just come and visit. At 6:30 last night dad and I walked over to the pool and spent an hour. I must admit, I was a little chilly when I got out but at least we aren't thinking about the s word!!!
Of course, we haven't seen fall either but I love this time of year! Loveyou2!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

i really must be a true minnesotan, wendi, because i heard the same weather report and was actually EXCITED to pull my favorite hat out of the closet! it's like a whole new wardrobe and an easy cure for bad hair days!

but don't worry, i'll complain right along with you when it drops below 30!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Right, thanks Mom. 'Preciate it. Just note that you can't even go outside and exercise after 6 a.m. for about 10 months of the year!

And Rachel, I see your point. It's just that we all know there will be plenty of snow so why hurry it along, you know. And, also, I love snow, I just hate cold. :) Sort of creates a conundrum (how DO you spell that?)

Anonymous said...

You spelled it correctly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I hate the cold too, Wendi! Actually, that's one of the reasons (ok, there's really only 2 reasons) that I'm happy you and John will probably go to florida...WINTER VACATIONS to visit you. I think the worst months are Jan. and Feb. because it's usually bitterly cold, you can't look forward to christmas anymore and, if you're anything like me, your favorite winter hat usually gets lost by this time and the only hats left in the stores to buy are the really ugly ones on clearance!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yes! Hats and gloves. I see them EVERYWHERE in the clinic. I thought losing socks is bad but at least you could wear two socks that closely resemble each other. Two different gloves and you are just weird.