Saturday, October 21, 2006

Apple Ridge Orchard

Saturday, John and I finally had our day off on the same day. We have been waiting this for a few weeks now. It felt so much like we were normal people (not that you and Uncle Bob are not normal Aunt Linda) to be able to hang out together for the day.

We woke up at 8am, worked out, and booked our airline tickets for Christmas. We are going home from December 15th (a Friday) until January 1st. This is the longest visit we have ever taken. It just so happened that everything fell well for us to be gone this day and for me to still be only away from work for 9 working days.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Apple Ridge Orchard. Was it cold? Yes sir, it was cold. Here is me at the Orchard. Let me tell you that underneath what you can see here, I also have on my infamous silk leggings, and a silk undershirt. Despite all this, my ears still ended our visit a bit early. Am I the only ones who's ears just freeze!?

We took the hayride out to the orchard. There weren't many people there, but there were some cats who appeared to like the hayride. JB and I had our traditional, "John can I have a cat?" conversation. Poor John. He takes such good care of me. He cannot help it that he is pretty stinkin' allergic to cats.

So here is me enjoying the closest thing to cats I will ever get.

Now JB, as I mentioned earlier, is allergic to cats. So he doesn't care to pet them if he can help it. Here is JB, hands in pockets. However, as you will notice, the cats did not care that JB did not want to pet them, pick them up, touch them, or anything else of the like. They seem to know who the allergic person is. Look at this cat hanging out on the wagon ride with JB.

Okay, enough of the cats. Here are some pics of us in the Orchard.

I also decided that I would try to take one of those pics of the two of us that you take while you are holding the camera. Here is my first attempt:

Here is my second attempt:

And here is JB's attempt. Quite a bit better don't you think?

Anyways, we attempted (unsuccessfully) to get some cherry preserves for Gabbi. Unfortunately, Gabbi, darling, they are sold out for the season! They promised to have more in August. Hmmm, not sure we can promise him we'll be there to get some in August. Our life is pretty up in the air. But we will see.

Anyways, hope I didn't show you too many pictures of JB and myself. But I guess this is my blog so there you go.

Today, I am going to get my hair cut and pick Tara up from the airport and hangout with the Rays. It shoudl be a fun day!


Anonymous said...

I loved all the pics! we had an apple orchard day with Cara and Brian and Maia when it was warmer-and came home to a dinner of apple pancakes, with apple butter and apple crisp for dessert we made from our apples together! :) can your ears be cold with a hat on? Did you know they now breed cats for people who are allergic --i heard it on the radio -expensive but it's possible!
love Jan

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yeah. $800!!!!!! I cannot pay 800 for a cat. Cannot do it.

My ears are STILL cold with a hat on. But this hat had some holes in it. I think that was the problem

Anonymous said...

Hey! English will be here until January 3rd. Try to save some time on the 2nd so she can come and visit you guys.

Annnndddddd....I am not going to say a word about the ears!

Anonymous said...

I heard those cats were upward of $4,000.00

Gabbs said...

Yeah, actually I just heard about the hypoallergenic cats the other night, and I too heard they were about $4000. Heck, if they were only $800 you bet we'd get one!! Unfortunately, Ray's allergic, too. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for picking me up. Your picture-taking skills are more than adequate, and your apple-picking skills even better (GREAT apple pie, JB! :)). You are perhaps the best reason to return to the Polar North... thanks for including me today!