Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trier (Again)

Yeterday we decided at the very last minute to make the one hour drive to Trier. This was the same city we visited with Joan and Veronica via train a few weeks ago. You can click here to see the past blog and click here to see the past album on Facebook (courtesy of Veronica) of our previous trip to the oldest city in Germany.

We were going to go to the Base pool since the weather was supposed to cruddy (and the pool is enclosed). I was just going to sit on the side with Abigail, of course, while the fam swam. However, the kiddie pool was broken. So we needed a Plan B. We decided to drive to Tier since I could sit for the most part and take it easy while enjoying being out of the house a bit and having the opportunity for my parents to experience a bit of Germany. It may have been a bit lofty five days after delivery, but it went wonderfully.

Here are some pictures from our trip there yesterday with my Mom and Dad:

Papa showing the boys the next car that he would like to buy. A good fit don't you think? (I have no idea what Isaac is doing.)

We took a one hour river cruise on the Moselle River. Here the boys are "taking turns" climbing on their Grampa's back while we wait for our the boat to begin boarding.

While I sat and relaxed at a restaurant with Abigail, JB took the boys and my parents to St. Peter's Cathedral. It was the first time they had been in a "rea'" Cathedral and they were quite impressed with the serenity and beauty.

A great pic of my boys with their grandparents outside the cathedral.

Elijah got up here and posed all by himself. It was so funny!

Smiles on a letter "T" in Trier.

A smile from Isaac.

Here are my parents ouside the Porta Nigra -- the largest surviving Roman gate world wide. Also called the "Black Gate." Dates from the Middle Ages (1060).

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