Friday, April 10, 2009


What the heck is twitter anyways? Or is it a twitter. I don't even know if it is a noun or a verb. Someone tried to explain it to me once, but I must admit that I am still completely lost. I've always considered myself "on top" of the latest technology, but suddenly, I feel like our grandmothers must have felt when computers emerged and then email and Facebook and blogs. Things just keep getting more complex. I have no idea what a twitter is. I have to admit that even Facebook is beyond me. I am lost half the time as to where things are or were or where they went. Why do people keep sending me flair? What is it and what am I supposed to do with it? And now, before I even feel comfortable with Facebook or know how to use my flair, I'm supposed to twitter? I think not.

I used to complain that older people should "embrace" the changes in our society. But I think I now know how they feel. I know my grandfather remembers when his family first got electricity! Can you imagine the changes their generation has seen in a lifetime? I am uncomfortable with the fact that I am becoming an "old fuddy duddy", but I just can't help it. How am I going to keep up with all this? It's not possible.

I imagine there will come a day when blogging is obsolete. And I'll stick to my guns and keep blogging even though there is a much more efficient way to communicate. And my grandchildren will sit down and try to show me how to use the "new way". But I'll tell them that my old way is working just fine. And they'll call me a fuddy duddy. And they'll be right.

I remember when I got our first microwave oven. I think it was a gift from my Oom Ed and Tante Jan. It was obviously a big deal if I can remember the gift and remember it arriving! I can remember when our VCR used to have the pop-up entrance for your VHS tapes. My Dad used to borrow a VCR on the weekends from his school so we could watch a movie. I remember when my computer typed in green letters. I remember when portable CD players emerged and you had to hold them incredibly steady or they would jump. I remember Jaime Walz teaching me how to use an archaic school email system in college and then months later asking me why I wasn't using Hotmail. I had no idea. What's a hotmail? And then I heard of blogs. And I embraced blogs. But then I got used to Myspace only to be told it wasn't the cool way to go and I needed to jump over to Facebook which I did but which now leaves me still unsure what a flair is and feeling totally uncool because I don't.

And you expect me to twitter. No way. I'm standing my ground. I've come so far but I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm going to stay a fuddy duddy on this one.


Bri said...

Twitter is dumb, i don't use it. I think it is killing the English language.


Susie said...

I had to laugh when I read this because I actually just googled twitter yesterday because I felt like I was the last one to hear about it and felt left out and confused. I hear ya... I'm getting so sick of technology... I am always feeling like I'm the last to know!

Anonymous said...

I know all about the fuddy duddy part...Grace is almost ahead of me on the computer:)(6 yr old grandchild) but snuck right in the middle of your blog are the coolest words ever and I don't know if you even realize the impact of what you wrote... someday MY grandchildren!!!
Love it:)
mom k

Joy Z said...

Ha! This is great! I don't twitter either. I just barely figured out facebook. And that was only because I could do it with one hand while nursing. It was a great past time.

You go ahead and stick to your guns, I'll stick with you on facebook. Don't worry, I don't have any flair and I won't send you any either!

crazystegmamaof4 said...

Ok, thanks for posting this, Wen. I must admit I'm in the same boat...and that new commercial saying something about a certain percentage of people not knowing "twitter"...that's me! But, it's gotta say something that I haven't googled it yet either! I'm lucky to have sorta figured out a blog....and FB is beyond me too (and of no interest)...I gave up on it months ago! Thanks for making me feel better about my lack of techno-knowledge :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, Wen!!!! You feel my pain!!!
We, (not you--but, my peers ) are prime examples of "You can't teach old dogs, new tricks" !!!
I'm just so happy that I know how to e-mail!!

Anonymous said...


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

That's my point Joan -- I have no idea!

Bri, my Dad would be so proud of your comment. :)

AW said...

LOL@Bri...I agree! Thank you for saying what I thought, but didn't want to say it because I'd be called a fuddy duddy. It feels good to hear it come from a younger person. LOL!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I am officially joining Wendi's FUDDY DUDDY club!

I am with you on all counts.
I don't really get FB either. I do have flair and have sent a few pieces. I think I like it b/c I am visual...looks like little buttons with cute pics or funny quotes. But FB seems very time consuming. I like my email and blog WAY better! :)

Twitter...have heard of it and have NOT a clue. Glad to see Bri (some one younger than me) say it is dumb! Makes me feel better. Don't worry we can grow into old fuddy duddies together! :)

Jessica said...

Twitter is complete and total Narcissism. It is a way to update everyone and anyone about what you are doing 24 hours of the day. To twitter is to simply answer the question of "what are you doing"? So, tweets around the world consist of "jessica is going to the mall, jessica is sitting on the toilet, etc.". It is unnecessary. I will admit I thought it was cool when it first came out, but I hope it doesn't last because it is truly annoying. My husband was on that bandwagon for a short period of time and he was getting nonstop twitter texts telling us what everyone else was doing at every second of the day. His friend twitters nonstop when he is on dates with his wife and I want to twitter back saying "Jessica thinks it is rude to be on your cell phone nonstop TWITTERING when you should be enjoying alone time with your wife while you are away from your three children!" LOL! Thanks for the venue to rant. :) Fuddy-duddies unite! -Jessica (Joia's SIL)

Marlene said...

I agree totally! I did join Twitter and posted 3 "tweets" describing what I was doing. But I certainly do not need to tell people what I am doing 24 hours a day! It's hard enough for me to change my status on Facebook! I like FB because I have found many old friends from jobs and school. I do have pieces of "flair" on my "wall". They are like buttons you would wear stating different things. I have them for me, ones that reflect my personality but I don't send them to people. I might send folks something every now and then, but it drives me crazy when I get on FB and people are asking me to join "Mafia Wars", or that they've "kidnapped me", or they want me to send them a tree for "their farm". I don't get that at all.

So my Twitter account sits there all lonely, and if anyone were following it, they would think I had fallen off the face of the earth.