Monday, April 06, 2009

Allyson & Katie

My Aunt Allyson (she is married to my Dad's brother, Scott) and her daughter Katie are vacationing in Destin this week with Allyson's sister, Glenda, and Katie's friend, Amanda. Last night they came to dinner. JB made an awesome beef bolognese with brussel sprouts and homemade garlic bread. It was delicious! We plan to get together later this week as well. It's always so wonderful to catch up with family!

Side note of trivia: My dad is the second oldest of six children (five boys). They have given my grandma a total of sixteen grandchildren. Of those, only three are girls. Katie is one and my cousin Madeline is another, and I am the third! I believe there are now fourteen great grandchildren (my grandma could tell you for sure.) Of those, I believe there are only four girls. We like boys in this family!

Allyson & Katie holding Elijah

How cute is this?

Isaac playing with the new doctor's kit that Allyson brought for him. He loves it. Oh and of course, there's Scrubby with his nose in everything.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie & Allyson! Hope you're having fun down there. You picked the right week to go. We woke up to snow this morning and it's supposed to be miserable all week! Have Fun!

Love, Linda