Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pacifier Prop

AD requested an image of my "pacifier prop". I use a blanket. It is not fool-proof. If his arms are going too crazy he can still have it pop loose. And, I only do it when I am going to be able to watch him / check on him as blankets make me nervous. It works really well! Doesn't he look like a little armed-bandit?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendi. I'll let you know how it goes with Charleigh. Hope you are good. I miss you all. XOXO AD

Dawn Hudson said...

I did something like that when my six year old was a baby. Though I used scotch tape. Yeah that still gets my crazy looks when I tell people.

Anonymous said...

oh Wendi, that is great.

How's things going? Wishing you all the best. I sent you a pm - private message on Hannah's prayer too

have a wonderful day
love SuzanneinAustralia