Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things we accomplished this week

Here's just a sampling of some of the things we accomplished this week. I can't remember everything. I wouldn't call this a relaxing week but it sure was nice to dig ourselves out of a bit of a whole.

  • Spent one night in a hotel (sort of).
  • Both: Bought running shoes.
  • Both: Bought Isaac his first pair of shoes.
  • Both: Ran errands at Target.
  • Both: Ran errands at Pet store.
  • JB: Ran errands around town.
  • JB: Rigged double swing hung in backyard.
  • Both: Had the oil changed in the Saturn.
  • Both: Went out on a date on Thursday night. (Thanks Jodi!)
  • Both: Went on daily walks or jogs with the family.
  • Both: Sorted coins in our coin jar with money we've been collecting since before we got married.
  • JB: Went through JB's old comic books and baseball cards from high school to see if we could sell anything.
  • Both: Watched the second half of The Dark Knight. (I actually liked it.)
  • Wendi: Finished reading The Road. (Great book Tara and Rachel!)
  • Both: Changed approximately 80 diapers.
  • JB: Cleaned out our birdcage so we could put it on Craig'slist to sell.
  • JB: Completed lots of bills, insurance, banking stuff.
  • Wendi: Washed a bottle approximately 80 times.
  • Wendi: Used some gift certificates online to buy some necessary items.
  • Wendi: Went to lunch with the wifia at the park.
  • Both: Gave approximately 9 baths.
  • JB: Clipped the hedges.
  • Wendi: Went to lunch with Becky.

I wanted to end this post by giving a congratulations to some old high school friends. Michelle was in my brother's class in school and was on my volleyball team. She and I were really good friends. Anyways, she and her husband Chad were divorced a year ago today. However, today, my parents are attending a second wedding for the two of them as they get remarried and reunite their family which includes two small children. Congrats Chad and Michelle. God is such a great God to repair the broken! What a testimony your lives are to the rest of us.


Joy Z said...

Since before you were married!!!! My goodness, how much did you count?

Did you find any great cards to sell? Vic has tons and we've thought a few times about looking through to sell them too.

So blessed to hear about your friends and the work that the Lord has done restoring their marriage! Our God is good. Vic and I never got a divorce, but we were separated and God did an amazing work so I'm always thankful to hear of other stories as well.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Joy, we ended up with over $150 but this did not include quarters (we emptied the jar of quarters when we lived in our condo and had to pay to do our laundry) or nickles (JB wanted to keep the nickles. So it was $150 in pennies and dimes and a few quarters. Not too shabby!

I did not know that about you and Vic. How awesome!

Anonymous said...

We just got back from Chad and Michelle's remarriage. 11 years ago today they were married for the first time. A year ago today their divorce was final and today they have renewed their commitment. It was so sweet. Next to having the miracle of our grand babies this came pretty close. It puts a lot of ick into perspective.
God is amazing!

Amy T. S. said...

That's awesome about your friend!!! That makes me so happy.

Judy Woodford said...

What a wonderful thing to hear of a marriage mended and made new again, that is SO cool. I wish we heard of this more...