Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some videos

Well we did go to the beach yesterday but didn't stay long due to the not-so-nice-weather as well as a not-so-in-a-good-mood-Isaac. Our church was having a big bbq that I really wanted to go to, but Isaac really needed a nap. While Isaac napped, I laid down on my bed with Elijah, and JB came and took him out and left me sleeping there. It was wonderful! I slept for two full hours in the middle of the day. It felt so good. What an awesome husband I have. He also made me a fantastic steak dinner with brussel sprouts, salad, and some sort of broccoli/cauliflower vegetable I have only had like one other time in my life. Delicious! We did have to eat in shifts, due to a hungry Elijah, but it was still wonderful.

We are off to Destin now. We are excited to spend a weekend at a nice hotel on the beach. We also plan to run a lot of errands that are on that side of town anyway. We are also considering this a "practice run" for the wedding we are attending in New York City next month. We want to make sure we know exactly what we need for a week away with two little boys.

I have some posts set to automatically upload over the next two days so you'll still be hearing from me -- just not the real-time me.

As we leave, I leave you with a couple of recent videos. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

enough diapers, wipes, formula for the plane ride and then buy the bulk of your items in the city that you are going to.
toys for entertainment
plastic bags for diaper changes in the plane and for the messy clothes if one of the boys has a blowout or becomes sick to the tummy.
carseats for both boys and think about buying a seat for both of them if you can afford it because it makes it so much easier to travel
when you have both hands free to prepare formula or change diapers or when you have personal needs to attend to, such at the bathroom.
something to suck on during take-off and landing
favorite blankies
I also find that helps to book flights that are at night so that they might sleep?

Anonymous said...

If you can get a bulk head seat, they use to have a bassinet type attachment for the little ones that you could lay them in to sleep during the flight. We did this once when we fly from Hawaii to NY, what a lifesaver it became especially on that 13 hour trip.

When we traveled we took powder formula and even way back then we were stopped and asked what it was, so with this day and age of security that might be an issue. There are the small travel formula bottles these days that might come in handy that you just pop the nipple on the top and away you go.

Oh that plastic bag idea is a good one as one of the 13 hour flights we were on I had a baby that threw up 3 times on me and I was wearing a JUMPSUIT, thinking that would be comfortable. Yes it was but not when you smell like baby spit up for all those hours. So you might want to think of that too.

don't forget about space bags, you can store so much in the roll up ones to take in a carry on bag that would be useful for extra clothing.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I have never seen the bassinet thing but LOVE bulk head seating with little guys. LOTS more room!

Elijah looks so healthy and big! He is really growing!

Enjoy your vaca...glad you got to nap yesterday, even though we missed you at the BBQ!! Love ya

Jess said...

Oh man, you want me to email you my packing list? I'm not kidding. I have a list. Stuff to take. Stuff to buy when we get to our destination, etc.

As for plane travel, though, no help here. I HATE planes. So we haven't done that yet and will continue not to as long as possible.

Really. I have a list. It's for beach vaca's but it's tweakable of course. And last time I changed it was sept...making the kids 16mo and abt 10 mo, but it would get you the rough ideal. It's a lot, let me tell you that. :)

Have fun in Destin!! We're going to be going there at the end of the summer and have been before. It's a DRIVE for us from Ohio but we liked it when we were there before. Good food! lol