Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the pack

We long ago knew that Scrubs had accepted Isaac into our pack, but while he has been kind to Elijah, we hadn't yet, until today, seen the same protection mechanisms kicking into gear. This morning, however, Scrubby let us know that Elijah is welcome as well and that he plans to take just as good of care of him as he does Isaac.


Anonymous said...

Does E react to Scrubby at all yet?

Anonymous said...

grandma k

Rene said...

That's a great pic. I have a question you might be able to address in the future- but please don't feel like you have to!!

It seems like Srubs has transitioned really well to 2 babies in the house. We have 2 Goldens and I was wondering(if Lord willing we are able to bring a child into our household) if you had any tips for families with pets. Just curious!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Ne Ne! great idea! I'll do this.

Elijah doesn't react to Scrubs yet but we are noticing he is starting to watch him and those solid black and white colors more.