Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eleven months old?!

I took these this morning. Where has the time gone? How is it that Isaac is going to be a year old next month? I just booked McDonalds for a little birthday party. Our little boy is almost one year old! Here are some current eleven month old accomplishments. This is more for me to flashback to someday so don't feel like you have to read through all of this. :)

  • He is walking like crazy now. Last night he walked from the living room into his bedroom. He still falls a lot and still chooses crawling over walking when he wants to go faster, but he's definitely got the walking thing figured out.
  • He is saying "hi" and "da da" and "uh oh". We also think he is saying some form of "Elijah's" name. He loves to give Elijah a kiss on the forehead. Anytime Elijah is crying, Isaac smacks his lips to kiss him, then puts his open mouth on Elijah's forehead.
  • Isaac is wearing 18 month clothes now. Time to start putting away the 12 months.
  • He is signing "please" and "all done" on a regular basis. He also knows the signs for "milk", "bath", and "thank you".
  • He is now problem solving. Figuring out a new way to go if we block his way and where a ball goes when he puts it down a chute.
  • Isaac knows what his books are and will crawl to them when prompted. He also knows who everyone in the family is and will turn to them when asked.
  • He is starting to pick up little pieces of fuzz from the carpet and bring them to me.
  • Isaac will clap on command, give five, and wave.


BrittPhelps said...

I laughed when I read that one of the words he is saying is some form of "Elijah." Kate's first word at 10.5 months was "EE-YA-YA." That may not sound like anything to anyone else, but it totally made since to us because we were around my nephew Elijah quite a bit. And now Elijah's little sister that just turned 1 is saying the same thing! Who would've known the name "Elijah" would be so easy for the kiddos to say!

Ebby Ray said...

I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I saw you last. That is just wrong!!

Marlene said...

I am wondering if Da-Da is just easier for some reason as that was my son's first coherent word. Isaac is so very cute, (as is Elijah) and I simply cannot believe I have been following your journey for over a year.

Blessings Wendi.