Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas on the Huisman side

Christmas Eve is always spent at my parents home. Keith and AD came over about 3:00, and we got started with our Christmas events which included communion, a great meal, gifts, Tetris, and more. Here are some photos from the night. And the reason we have pictures of this is because we used my Dad's camera. My photos, again, are stuck in the camera!
My dad showing my mom his favorite gift: a video of The Three Stooges. I can vividly remember my parents arguing over my dad allowing us to watch this show when we were kids. She didn't like the violence. Today, she still hates the show and my Dad still likes to watch it ... mostly to bug my mom.

My Dad with the Christmas meal. My parents made a great ham, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, bread, and raisin sauce. However, my Dad actually asked my mom a few weeks ago if it would be rude to ask JB to cook dinner. My mom said yes and they cooked instead. It was great! See that Tupperware in the front of the picture?! That thing is like 40 years old -- seriously!!!

Keith and AD showing off their gifts from JB and me. Among other things, we gave Keith a mousepad with a picture of his new wife and AD a calendar from their engagement and wedding photos.

AD, whose family owns a pet shop, gave Scrubs a stocking full of treats! Here I am opening one of the bones. These were great and kept the pup busy while we opened gifts.

Scrubs enjoying one of his treats! Thank you AD and Mom for the great gifts!

JB and I are opening our gifts for each other tomorrow night back at Eglin. However, JB put two books under the tree addressed to "Mom" from "Santa". These were two books on adoption. One, was how to make a memory book for your adopted child. This one is entitled: "My Adopted Child: There's No One Like You" about a panda bear adopted into a family of black bears! It was priceless and such a wonderful gift! Oh and this shot also shows off my new hair-do. I LOVE DEBBIE!

My Dad and Mom with the mouse pad we got my dad -- a picture of the six of us.

JB -- showing exuberance over the cashews in his stocking.


TAV said...

THANK YOU!!!! Your hair looks gorgeous! JB, put a smile on, would ya? :)

Rachel and Hans said...

LOVE the hair!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, JB is lookin mighty happy there! :):) Love all the pics!!! Looks like a fun time was had by all!! I think you may be right about that tupperwear??? Looks like maybe mid 1970s(vintage!)That may have actually been here in this house before you were born, as we had many pot lucks here!!Merry Christmas to all of you and may you have a safe trip home!LOve Ya! N and T

Kotynski Family said...

I am finally catching up on your blog and laughed at this one -cuz of course i'm from your mom's family and we were not aloud to watch the 3 stooges cuz it was too much hitting and slapping (the humor was missed!) --anyway on our 10 day honeymoon the only tv we watched was the 3 stooges -one of Ed's favorites -i was in shock that i had married a man who was rolling on the floor laughing outloud at such a terrible show! :) I still hate the show too except i just LOVE hearing Ed, his brother Fred and our son Eddie -all three laughing out loud on the floor when they watch it so i accept it :)
love Tante Jan