Saturday, June 02, 2007

Okay, so a few more details

All right, so we are in Fort Lauderdale.

Truth be told, some of you already know this. Truth be told, the only people we didn't tell was John's family.

Plans for this started a few months back when we were figuring out when we should get to Eglin after my transfer. We knew that John's mom really wanted all of the kids at the last kid's graduation. So we made the decision to fly the day after my transfer to Fort Lauderdale. This wasn't exactly a restful decision, but we figured, heck, we've done this transfer-thing three times now without success. We've tried bedrest for 2 days, acupuncture, and regular activity. Why not try flying to Fort Lauderdale?

So after resting at the Rays until about 6:00pm, we headed to the cities. JB had booked a very nice room at the Marriott. We ordered some chocolate Hagen Daaz ice cream, and then I went to bed (again). I slept more on that Thursday then I was awake that was for sure.

Speaking of the transfer, JB's post said it all. It was glorious in comparison to our three previous attempts. My Dr. didn't do the transfer, but Dr. H., a fellow, did. She's been there for all of my previous transfers. After it was over I said, "I don't even think I needed the Valium," and she said, "Well, I did." John said that she was quite concerned my cervix might give them trouble and was pleasantly surprised when things went so unbelievably well. It was wonderful!!! Thank you for praying.

Due to JB's flight being round trip, he and I were not on the same flights to Eglin. My flight was on Airtram at 6:30 a.m. and JB had a later flight on Delta. Since I can't lift more than 20 pounds for the next two weeks, John helped get me checked in at Airtram even though I was in a different terminal, and he had to shuttle back to his own terminal. He also bumped me up to first class!! That was a great treat and allowed me to do a lot of resting on the way to Fort Lauderdale.

Because JB had arrived at the airport early, he actually got on an earlier flight to Atlanta. This allowed us to both be in Atlanta for about two hours. We then arrived in Fort Lauderdale within about twenty minutes of each other. My family knew all about our surprise visit and was there to pick us up. We were blessed to get in on time as tropical storm Barry was here yesterday. It has rained every second we are here. But I love good Florida rain storms so I am not complaining.

At 6:30, we pulled up to the church for Robbie's graduation. John actually called his dad and was talking to him on the phone, when they turned and saw us. It was a great surprise! JB texted Robbie to "turn around" in the back room before the graduation. Robbie turned around and saw John. We surprised Ray, Elizabeth, Grant, Katie, and Aunt Betsy. It was fantastic! I also saw Nancy G. How wonderful to see everyone and "be in the know." Only Gabbi couldn't be there due to a babysitter back-out. She actually called JB while we were standing in the back of the church to ask him a medical question. She said: "Are you still in Minnesota?" John said, "No, I'm in Florida. I'm in Fort Lauderdale." Today, we hope to surprise our niece Grace!

Sunday, JB and Rob will drive up to Eglin. On Monday I am going to drive up with my mom and mom-in-law. I hope to get to see Joan this morning, and I still need to see my wonderful sis-in-law AD.


crazystegmamaof4 said...

Awesome surprise! I wondered if something was up when you didn't blog for awhile! So sneaky! My mom had to send me a special email saying she saw you at graduation. So glad you are in sunny (oops/rainy) Ft. Laud! Lova ya! Kel :)

Anonymous said...

have fun!!!!!!!!! :) and keep resting when needed too k?!?!
love Tante Jan

Anonymous said...

Wendi and John that was one glorious surprise! You out-did yourselves and it will always be one of my favorite memories! love you both and thank-you from the bottom of my heart

Anonymous said...

Yeah, great surprise! Unfortunately I'm in New Jersey, so that surprise didn't mean I got to see you. Don't be afraid to fly NE sometime!!! I like surprises too!

Your cousin

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad the secret is out so I can be my normal self again.
Glad you're here!!

AW said...

What great kids you are to your folks! Surprises like that are awesome!

Anonymous said...

FIRST CLASS! Nice job, JB. :)