Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary JB & Wendi

One thing our journey with infertility has taught me is that you have to be understanding of other people's feelings. Today is our ninth wedding anniversary, and I recognize that for some of my single and divorced friends out there, that can be a bitter-sweet thought. Just as I am so happy for all of my friends having their first, second, and even now third children, I am also sad for myself that we are still waiting. I know that while they are happy for me, they are, still waiting as well.

So, I begin this post telling those people (you know who you are!) that I am praying for you just as you are praying for me. That I am praying that some day you will be blessed as you hope each day you are. Just as you pray for JB and I to someday be blessed ourselves. My heart has become ultra sensitive to singles among us. Don't forget them folks!

I also put this here so that if my single friends don't want to read on, I won't be offended. I never want anyone to be hurt.

With that said, today is our ninth wedding anniversary! I thought it would be fun to go skipping down memory lane for a moment with some old photos. These are photos I scanned at some point. (Back then, you didn't get electronic copies of your photos like you do today.) I recognize that JB is not actually in quite a few of the pictures. Sorry about being a little heavy on "the bride".

For those of you who don't know the story of how we met, I wrote about it on a previous blog HERE. We have gone to school together since elementary school, but only after working at our school's summer camp one summer (with our friend Leina), did we become very good friends. We spent the next year or two hanging out all the time, and eventually, I talked JB into falling in love with me!

I truly believe that I am married to the best man ever! After nine years of marriage (and thirteen years "together"), I am so much more in love with him today than I have ever been. And that's despite the fact that the last four years have involved some pretty cruddy circumstances as we have battled infertility. I am so blessed that when I left for college in 1995, JB was determined that he was going to marry me. I wasn't so sure and was often a little difficult to be in love with, but the guy didn't give up! He moved to Kentucky to be with me with only his little car filled with stuff and one month's rent. What a guy.

Those of you who know JB personally know that he is one of the most even-keeled, intelligent, patient, and calm people you will ever meet. As Dr. Fischer described him at the Christian Medical Ceremony before this year's graduation, JB is a leader. People naturally follow him. I never thought about that before because, he's my JB, and following him just seems natural. But I really saw this in Africa. He's just the type of guy you want on your team and you want to be in charge. He is very predictable and very consistent.

And he loves me so much. He has always made me a priority despite the incredible demands on his time (and the incredible number of hobbies he has). He is funny, smart, charming, and just comfortable for me. I can't imagine spending my days with anyone else.

So today, I say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my best friend. I also say YAY RACHEL FOR STARTING A BLOG and YAY LESLEY TO SWITCHING TO BLOG SPOT! Okay, so those things had nothing to do with our anniversary, but I had to squeeze them in somehow.

Also, by the end of today I hope it will be YAY WENDI FOR FINISHING THE MAYO GRANT. It is due today at 5:00. I cannot WAIT for this thing to be done. Hopefully it will be done on time so we can go out for our anniversary tonight. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary-I know this sounds sappy but here goes-you complete each other:) Have a great day and know this: your heavenly Father wants you to be even happier than we do and He has even more wonderful plans for you and your FAMILY,so enjoy today and look forward to what the Lord will do in your life. It's going to be great:) love ya, mom k

TAV said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!! I know I've told you guys before, but I admire your relationship and marriage so much. You are truly inspiring and I'm so lucky to know you. Love you! Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm an HP gal who has been following your blog for some time now. I just read your "how we met" entry - I had no idea you were a Lady Topper! I work at WKU and live in BG, KY. Hope you have a wonderful day and that you finish your grant in time to celebrate.

crazystegmamaof4 said...

Happy Anniversay to you'll laugh but I have your anniversary on my calendar...yes, I am a "date person" :) So, I thought of you already this morning when I saw the date on the calendar! I wasn't at your wedding, but I remember your wedding day and the excitement that surrounded it and I wished I was was a big year for many of's hard to believe 9 years has gone by (we celebrate ours in less than 2 mos :)). I found an amazing guy in John...I always knew he was an incredible person back in high school and when you started dating him...I just had a feeling about you two...I'm so blessed to know you both and to see all you've gone through and how your marriage has only become stronger. God has blessed you both greatly with each other and I know your love will only grow stronger in the coming years and decades. Happy Anniversary and hugs to you today. Love, Kel
P.S. I loved the old pics...especially the one of you and the b-ball...LOL! :)

Rachel and Hans said...

Happy Anniversary!!
You and John are a wonderful example of what it means to be married. May you have a million more fantastic memories together.
Have a great day!!

AW said...

Congratulations on 9 years together! It's an inspiration to me that things really do get better the longer you go. :-)

BTW, you make a beautiful bride! Except that both of you look like you're 13!

Happy Anniversary!

And thank you for the reminder about singletons. One of my best friends is still single and I pray for her heart to heal over that all the is a source of pain for her, as infertility is to us.

The Adekolas said...

Wow, congratulations on 9 years! Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! Today is (was) my parents' anniversary, too!

yuan family said...

Happy Anniversary! I wish I had read this before I talked to you today!

Anonymous said...

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