Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sleeping Beauty

Abigail is going to be in her ballet company's production of Sleeping Beauty. Originally, Hannah was going to be in too, but dear Hannah and I have decided to wait until she is old enough to ask to be in ballet and promise she wants to behave well before we do it. So we'll wait another year with her at least. My friend Kristin is the official "photographer". Here are some photos she has posted:

The heat in the theatre was broken for two rehearsals so we practiced in our winter coat.

Abigail is in three scenes. She is a blue bird. There she is in the back row!

Our local paper advertising the show.

This picture is so Abigail. She is quite serious about her ballet! :)

Getting some instructions from Ms. Lori Ann before the start of a rehearsal. 

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