Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Feeding Ten

Tonight, as I prepared dinner for ten people, I thought to myself:

Wait a minute. 

This is my new normal.

With Grampa and Grama eating with us and anywhere from 1-3 WWOOFers at a time, that brings our eating total to anywhere from 9-11 on any given night. This has been going on for many months, and while Mom and I share the cooking load, when it is my turn, I regularly make a dinner that feeds that many people.

When did this become my new normal?

When we moved back to the States in 2014, I did absolutely zero cooking. Unless you counted a frozen pizza, popcorn shrimp, or pancakes for dinner, my husband was the only cook in our home. He got home from work, and he cooked dinner.


But then he started working in an ER and his shifts are from 7am-7pm or 7p-7am, and I realized we had to make a change. So I started cooking with Blue Apron and learned to cook, and now I am busting out meals regularly that are for nearly a dozen people.

Again: #Ican'tbelievethisismylife


I am in shock nearly daily at who I am here on this farm. This morning I helped Jacob and Grampa return our escaped pigs to their home. My boots were caked in mud, and my pants smeared with dirt. I coached our WWOOFer through getting blood out of his pants. I texted with someone about buying a piglet. I discussed our feed delivery. And then I cooked dinner for ten people.


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