Friday, January 06, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Wintery Wonder

There's some excitement around these parts. 

On Wednesday evening, we welcome two additional WWOOFER's to our farm. Jacob is still here (and looks to be here fairly long-term). On Wednesday, "Peter" (his American name) joined us from China. He is visiting some farms around the USA and is only staying with us one week. He has an extreme love of Country music (something he said is not very typical of the Chinese) and he is so excited to be in Tennessee. 

In addition, Teyman (from the Netherlands) has come to us for one month. He is going to be joining the Dutch Marines, and is really trying to stay in shape so he was really excited to help us with fence work (which we need a lot!) 

We are really excited to have both of them, and especially excited about their shared loved of music! Check out this video below. Teyman has been playing the guitar since he was a young boy, and Peter plays the Chinese flute:

Also we've had a few slight flurries, but today the snow began. We are looking to get between 2-5 inches today. So beautiful! It is, of course, the first time the dogs have experienced snow. So fun. But reminds me of Scrubs experiencing his very first snow during this last year on Earth.

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