Thursday, January 26, 2017

To all of you moms ...

... feeling like you are a failure. Be a failure with me!

Yesterday I had to bring Isaac into school for his speech lesson. So I left Hannah in the van to walk him to the front door. The van is not out of my sight. I turned my back for a moment to open the door for Isaac. When I turned back, she was climbing out of the front door of the van (which had its engine running)! (This is the same kid who a month ago couldn't get out of her car seat when the dog locked her in the truck.)

And now she is climbing down out of a big van, in a parking lot by herself, and intending to cross the street to where I am.


Now don't you feel better about yourself as a mom? At least your three-year-old wasn't walking across a parking lot by herself.

You're welcome.


Nancy Gritter said...
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Mary Travers said...

God has special angels for these moments! 💕