Saturday, January 21, 2017

Our bluebird

I told JB that we needed to find someone to create a "bluebird" face for Abigail. She is going to be in her ballet studio's production of Sleeping Beauty next weekend. I often forget that in JB's former life, he was a graphic designer. While hints of his artist-nature sometimes emerge, farming and doctoring definitely occupies a lot more of our life, and I sometimes forget that he graduated from art school and owned his own business designing for five years.

So when I told him we needed a bluebird he said, "Um, remember me? The artist. I want to do it." So we ordered the paint, and today he whipped this up in just a few minutes.

This ballet production has been a ton of time and lot of rehearsals, but we've also had a lot of fun getting to see all the older girls dance so well and the little girls learn what this is all about.

I continue to be a totally clueless ballet mom, but I've also learned that everyone has their strengths. One of my strengths is following orders. I truly don't care what my job is. If you need me to help, and I can, and I'm there, you can give me directions, and I'll do exactly what you say. While it isn't anything artistic or especially brilliant, I do think it can be useful. So that is what I've tried to do. I have been a head coach in my past, and while I loved it, I learned that it isn't where I am most comfortable. I like to be second in charge. I like to implement orders without having to pay the cost for failed results or deal with conflict.

As for Abigail, it is so amazing to watch her on stage. She has gone from a young girl I couldn't get to leave my leg, to a young girl on the middle of a big stage, not even blinking at the lights and vastness of what she is doing. She really seems to have a knack for ballet and performing, and we love watching her doing what she enjoys.

I still, however, am absolutely flabbergasted that the Lord would give me, a jock and tomboy to the core, children exhibiting talents and desires so far out of my spectrum. Isaac and piano. Sidge and gears and cogs and how things work. Abigail ballet. And as of right now, Hannah our little changing clothes like crazy fashionista.

But you know what else is amazing. I really don't care what my children love. Seeing what they love is so incredibly amazing. I truly have always said that if my children love the Lord and find peace/contentment, I will feel like I have done my job. And I think finding what they love to do is a big part of that.

For now, just a few more rehearsals until showtime!

P.S. The two pictures above was taken by my amazing talented friend Kristin Girtoin!

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Emily said...

What a beautiful blue bird!