Saturday, January 28, 2017

First night of Ballet!

After months of practicing and probably around a dozen dress rehearsals, last night was the REAL THING! Abigail has a small part with the animals -- mainly designed to really knock the audience over with cute-factor. While this has been a lot of time commitment, we have really had a fun time. The people at this Christian ballet are just wonderful women (and men), and the atmosphere is so encouraging and uplifting. Abigail is in scene 2, 3, and 17. I was able to sneak out and watch some of the show in the second half of the performance (before I had to get back and get her to curtain call), and it was just so incredibly well done. It is basically taken from the movie Malefecent, but it has a Christian slant to it. 

Abigail wanted to do her own video behind stage. She was so excited and chattering like crazy. I cannot tell you what it did for me as a Mom to see my little girl out of her shell and just loving something so much. She absolutely loves ballet. I love watching her love something so much! And don't even ask about JB. He was just a big mush pot.

We aren't allowed to take pics or videos during the show, but I hope to get a video of the performance at some point. Here are some pictures of us behind the stage:

This lady here is Kristen. And that's her second daughter, Hazel. She has an older daughter Eliza as well.

Kristin is Abigail's teacher at co-op as well, and has played a HUGE role in getting our little girl out of our shell. I still can't believe she went from not being able to make it through the try-out last year to being in the play this year!

Here's a quick picture of JB doing his make-up thing!

Killing some time before they went on.

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