Thursday, January 19, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Mangalica Pigs

We work very hard on our farm to stay on budget. I have blogged previously about how we utilize Dave Ramsay's envelope system electronically. So what do you do when your husband finds two incredibly rare pigs on a farm just an hour away, and he wants to buy them, and your farm "envelope" is broke?

After a lot of discussion about these pigs it was decided that if JB wanted to get one, he should do it one "his own dime." This means his blow money. Each of us gets a small amount of money each month that is ours to spend on whatever we like. I usually spend mine on snacks and totally unimportant things. JB decided to spend his on a pig.

Okay, well, two pigs. (He usually wants to buy his pigs in pairs so that if something happens to one of them, he still has a back-up.)

This morning JB decided to make the drive to Knoxville. He was going to do a Costco run too, and he offered to take all four kiddos with him so I could have the house to myself for the morning. (Okay so we still have in-laws and WWOOFers around, but generally the house is all mine.)

He came home with a lot of groceries.

And these two Mangalica pigs. 

Yes, the really are wooly.

No, we did not need them.

But boy is it fun to see my husband giddy. He really has a list a mile long of animals and plants he has dreamed of. And we can't afford to buy even a fraction of them. But the opportunity for him to get something that has been on his "dream sheet" is so fun!

(And having the house to myself? Equally awesome!)

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