Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Review: After the Cheering Stops

Cyndy Feasel's book After the Cheering Stops tells the story of Former NFL wife Cyndy Feasel.

This is a tragic story without a happy ending about one family's journey through professional football and football-related concussions and head trauma -- and the faith that saved her.

This was an incredibly interesting read and really presented another side of professional football. It was not easy to read being as Grant Feasel started out as an incredibly strong, brilliant, athletic man who loved the game of football and deteriorated in front of her eyes and the eyes of everyone who is reading the book.

Cyndy watches their life together fall apart from alcohol and pain medication from a disease rooted in the scores of concussions Grant suffered on the football field.

If you have an interest in putting your children into athletics like football and soccer that are prone to head injuries, this is a good book to read to educate yourself on the topic. However, it is hard to read. It is hard to watch this charismatic man fall apart due to his injuries. As an athlete, I found this incredibly interesting and educational, and think that parents and athletes will found this worth their time.

I received a copy of this book from for my honest review. 

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