Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Preppin' for the Ballet

It is a busy month. Who knew that one small role in one ballet could mean so much commitment! However, while it is a lot of time, we love being a part of a Christian ballet theatre, being around so many wonderful people, and fellowshipping with other Christians (and homeschoolers.) Thirty of the kids in the play are a part of our homeschool group! How cool is that.

Last night, JB joined us for rehearsal. He is going to be helping with the make-up for the play. While this means more challenges for us as far as watching the other kiddos, we really love all being together as a family. And JB enjoys getting to delve into his artistic side a bit more.

Here are a few photos from rehearsal last night:

One of the trees that helps lead Abigail out for one of her three scenes. 

I have decided that as long as Hannah is appropriately dressed for the weather, I am not going to fight her on what she wears. This is what she put together last night. I thought it looked silly, but then numerous mothers told me they loved her style. Go figure.

JB used Abigail to practice some bird make-up for one of the lead ballerinas. 

A little droopy eyed photo -- but you get the idea.

JB was also asked to come up with some make-up for the trees. Here he is practicing on one of the other make-up artists.

My husband has so many amazing talents. The people he works with will love to see this blog post.

Check this out! Allison looks awesome.

I used to wonder how people keep losing their kids at events like this. Isaac and Sidge were sitting in one spot the entire time. But I lost Hannah about ten times. Once I found her here, with a prop on her head.

Another time I found her helping one of the dancers color her shoes.

And by the end of the night? We were all WHIPPED! (And there are still two more practices before the show opens on Friday.) Hannah (aka "Thor") collapsed very quickly when we got home.

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Nancy Gritter said...

This is such a cool experience!! For the entire family!! Love the faces done by John!! He is so good!! And Hannah just cracks me up...that last pic is sooooo hilarious!!!! It is mind boggling how time consuming it all is! Once its practiced and put together at least it runs straight thru and what an awesome experience in both participating and the boys watching it! Enjoy!! Have a GREAT time Abigail!