Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My name in print!!

I have made it no small secret how much I love the author Julie Lessman. (Click here to read the recent review I did on her novella Love Everlasting.) I have also practically screamed it from the roof tops when our paths overlapped, and I began to do some editing for her. This opportunity is truly one of the highlights of my life as a writer/editor!

And now, my NAME IS ONE OF HER BOOKS! As a complete surprise to me, she put my name in print. It's just one mention, but it is still so incredibly cool! The thing is, she did this after did my edit, so I had no idea it was in there at all. 

Check it out:

Even funnier is that when I received the book (I wrote about that here) I never read that book. I had already edited her book and was swamped with life that I just handed the book to my mother-in-law and figured I would get a chance to read it later. She ended up Facebook'ing me in the middle of the night to say she had come upon my name.

So exciting!!


Julie Lessman said...

LOL ... this makes me smile SO BIG, my friend!! Glad I could surprise you! Mmmm ... I may have to make Wendi Kitsteiner Cat's best friend in the next book ... ;)


TAV said...

That is so awesome! Wendi, do you think these books are up my alley? I am picking up 'A Man Called Ove' on your recommendation today, and have liked other books you've recommended. I am needing some 100% positive books lately!

Laura Dunham said...

So happy to see your name in print Wendi! What a sweet friend you are Julie!

Bonnie Roof said...

Congrats, Wendi!! Julie is the best at surprising and rewarding her readers with the honor of having their names in her books. I've also been surprised, more than once, to find my name in one of her books - her generosity and loving spirit in doing so has humbled me and brought me to tears each time. I love her beautiful, sweet, inspiring writing so much - there is so much of the beautiful, sweet, caring, inspiring person she is, enclosed within her writing!!