Sunday, January 08, 2017

Dumb-A** Stuff We Need To Stop Saying To Dads

I really enjoyed this article: Dumb-A** Stuff We Need To Stop Saying To Dads and while I try to avoid swearing in the titles of my Blog posts, I wanted to take the opportunity to share it on my Blog.

My husband is a dad that does not require long lists when I leave him home with the kids. He does not consider spending time with his children babysitting. He honestly loves loves loves being a father. Nothing makes him happier than fatherhood. Truly. He truly enjoys his job, and it would be perfect if it didn't mean he missed whole days with his children to do it. He longs for them when he isn't with them and makes the most of any time that he has with them. He does not seek any hobbies that take him away from his children. He wants them with him every second they can be.

In fact, next month, JB has to attend a conference in Utah. I wanted to go with him, but truly, just under a week is too long for me to leave the farm and all the kids without a ton of advanced thought. So instead, JB opted to take Isaac with him on this trip. He had to attend the Conference to get CME (continuing medical education -- a requirement for physicians) but didn't want to spend a week away from the family. So he decided to bring some family with him. (He's going to start allowing the other kiddos to attend to as they are old enough to sit through lectures.)

Prior to having children, I probably only saw my husband cry a handful of times. Since having children? Regularly. And it doesn't matter if they are related to him via blood. All of my children can leave him feeling incredibly proud and overwhelmed with love and emotion. 

I also want to point out something very important. While my husband loves all of our children equally and without hesitation, he bonded with our Isaac -- our adopted son -- far quicker than any of our children. I say this because I know some of you out there right now wonder if your heart will burst the same way with a child not sharing your DNA.

It will.

I promise.

One of my very favorite videos I have ever taken (which somehow went a "bit" viral -- getting almost 200,000 views) is of Isaac when he was little. Isaac loves/loved me, but he has always had an incredibly soft spot for JB .... and it started truly the moment he could recognize faces. This video is what Isaac did every single day when it was time for JB to come home from work.

I dedicate this to my husband -- truly the best dad in the world -- and to all the other dads out there who are GOOD DADS and don't deserve the cruddy comments we throw at them about the amazing job they do!

And here a few more of my favorite Dad is home videos after JB was apart from us while we were in the military:


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Debbie said...

Those videos are just precious. I smiled through every one!