Friday, January 13, 2017

Guest Post: Minimal effort kids room cleaning and organizing tips

The following is a guest post by Emma Hamilton. 

Every parent knows that having kids simply means mess. You clean their room for ages and only after a few hours there isn’t any trace of your efforts. The only way to make this result last longer is only if your children help you. Many parents struggle to convince their children to maintain their room clean and tidy. No matter the age, this task has proven to be very difficult. Cleaning is always viewed as nothing but a tedious household chore. No amount of threats can change their mind. However, there is still hope. You can find out very useful tips in the next paragraphs.

There are a few things that we need to take into account if we want to succeed in our enterprise. First, we need to consider our children’s age. For children still at primary school, it will be most beneficial if we can transform the cleaning routine into a game. You can tell them that if they tidy their room regularly, you will fulfill one of their wishes once a month. This is an easy way as it will keep them occupied for a long period of time. Make sure, you explain to them how they will benefit, if they follow your rules. If your children are older, you can talk to them regarding this matter. You can try different strategies and see what works best for your children.

No matter how old our kids are, we know that usually we are the ones that end up doing the cleaning. In order to minimize your efforts the most, you need to create your own system. Organization is an absolute must, if you want to save time when cleaning your kid’s room. Divide your children’s clothes into different categories and put them in separate departments. This way, every time you fold them, it will be easier to find where to place them.

Buy or create beautiful boxes where your children can store all of their toys. Show them how to do it sufficiently and teach them to follow this routine. The reason for this is that every time you want to hoover their room, there are lots of items on the floor that slow you down. If all the toys are gathered beforehand, you will save a significant amount of time and efforts. Moreover, they won’t collect any dirt and dust.

Another useful thing is to place all the needed cleaning detergents and equipment nearby. You can hide them in a convenient for you place. A lot of people are put off only from the thought of cleaning. The reason behind this is that they have to go back and forth in order to collect all of the needed cleaning supplies. When everything is nearby and organized, Carpet Cleaning SW London guarantees you will manage to clean quickly.

In general, cleaning is very time consuming. Sometimes, it can take ages, especially if we have to clean the kid's room. You spend endless efforts and the result at the end is just not satisfactory. Don’t do this anymore. Be organized and work efficiently. Get everyone in the family involved. Explain to them that cleaning provides us a healthy environment and a good quality of the air. You can ask them for any suggestions how to improve the cleaning routine. You might be surprised by the answer as kids are very imaginative and can give you some great ideas. Listen to your children and make a change. Work as a team, this is the only possible way if you want every room to be tidy and neat.

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