Saturday, November 14, 2015

I'm Done Being Nice About Abortion and Adoption!

I'm so SICK AND TIRED of all this Planned Parenthood mumbo jumbo.

I'm sick of being nice.

We currently have four couples still waiting for placement with our organization Because of Isaac.  One of those couples: Ryan and Briana have raised 100% of their monies and after many close calls, are still waiting to be chosen. To say they are weary and tired and frustrated would be one of the largest understatements I could ever make.

Our other three couples: Joel & Criss, Kevin & Tessa, and Chris & Renae are still fundraising. While they haven't raised all their money, they are still on the list to adopt and could get a call at any time.

And yet they wait.

This article: Adoption Update: The Resounding "No" to our Constant "Yes" is an outstanding adoption article discussing what it feels like to be a waiting parent.

In short: It sucks.

How would you like to be one of these couples, waiting for a birth mother to choose you while you watch Planned Parenthood receive GOVERNMENT FUNDING that pays for babies to die?

I keep reading articles and Facebook posts about Planned Parenthood. I keep reading some sort of combination of words that go like this:

"We can't expect these women to not abort when we don't have resources for them. We need more resources if we expect them not to abort."

And I want to punch a wall.

Or scream.

Or punch and scream at the same time.

There are resources GALORE to help these women have a baby without ANY COST TO THEM! All they have to do is call up any adoption agency in any city or any state in all of America and tell them they would like to place their child up for adoption. Within an HOUR there would be someone there and within a day there would be a family for their child.

Here are four families that would be there tomorrow!

Did you know that a birth mother can have all her medical costs and even counseling and housing/food costs covered if they need it?

In addition, a woman can bring her baby without question to any church, hospital, or EMS station and leave them there and a family will be found. It's called the Safe-haven law. Check it out.

And yet IGNORANT PEOPLE keep saying "Mothers need more resources if we expect them not to abort."



They do not need resources. They HAVE resources. What they need is someone to tell them, "Hey, you know what, abortion is not without issue. You will have emotional and possible physical ramifications. This could lead to infertility. This could cause you sadness and intense grief and pain. And you know what? There is a family who could adopt your baby. You could give this child life. And it will cost you nothing."

How about using this tax payer money to help infertile couples not have to spend $25,000 to adopt a newborn baby? If we weren't paying for women to have abortions, we could do that.

If you could PROVE TO ME that each woman, before being given an abortion, has all of these facts explained to them .... that they are told, "There is someone who can help pay for you to have this baby and give this baby a great home," then maybe I might understand a bit more all these people saying, "Women need more help."

(Please don't tell me they have this explained to them. I'm not talking about a flyer or a quick video. I'm talking about an actual, truthful, counseling conversation that explains this in clear, concise language.)


(Please also don't tell me that Planned Parenthood does other good things. If the chickens we are raising on our farm are 99% healthy but have 1% of poison in them, that is not okay. People are not okay with 1% bad. And if Planned Parenthood is doing something 1% badly, then they are not okay. And at the very least, shouldn't be getting my money.)

Meet four families who would LOVE to be the Daddy and Mommy for the baby they are planning on murdering.

I can't be nice about it any longer.

People are ignorant to the truths of adoption.

Hopefully my words help explain it. I'm sorry that I couldn't be more of the peaceful, sublime Wendi. I just can't do it anymore on this topic. My heart hurts too badly watching these four families wait and wait and wait while babies are dying and dying and dying.



Constance said...

Thank you. Really really thank you. Your words made me cry: for the couples who wait, for the children who die, for the women who are lied to and manipulated by evil people. Yes, evil. Because they know what they are doing and what they are doing is evil. So you are right to be angry. Anyone who chooses to murder a child for any reason deserves your anger. And mine. And every Christian's. And not a penny to help them when it could be spent finding living homes for innocent children. Thank you

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I have many friends who have had anortions ... This is not condemnation against those who had an abortion. I fault those in charge even
More ... Do women know there are choices?