Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday Funnies

Hannah: "Mommy has hair and Isaac has hair and Abigail has hair."
JB: "What do I have?'
Hannah: "A head."


The kids picked up something at Costco that they wanted to buy with their own money. When they got home, I told them they had to get the money out of their bank. As Sidge handed me his money, he said, "This is my least favorite part."


Our guinea fowl are, well, stupid. I don't know how else to say it but to just say that they are not smart animals. I have so many examples of watching them ram their head into the same wall hundreds of times trying to get to the other side. It's a non-stop thing with them. While my cousin Sarah was here, a bunch flew into the duck fencing, and they could not get out. I was trying to help them get out, and they can't even figure out how to do it with help. So I finally threw up my hands and said: "It's just the truth. These animals are really, really stupid."

Isaac said, "Mom, you really shouldn't say that baddest word. You should say they aren't very smart."

I should. But it doesn't even explain it well enough!


Isaac: "I'm eighty-cent-per-sure that I am full."


While walking back from feeding the animals.
Sidge: "I discovered what this plant is used for." (Points to a tall, reedy bush.)
Me: "You did. How?"
Sidge: "Well, Charleigh and I figured it out. It's for toothpicks."
Me: "It is?"
Sidge: "Yes, that's what we thought. And Dad confirmed it."
Me: "Wow."
Sidge: "Yeah. You can put toothpicks in your mouth and use them. I don't really use them. I just set them there. And they taste good. Well not good, but they don't taste like anything bad and you can just keep them in your mouth for as long as you want."


Isaac: "My chest hurts."
Sidge: "Yeah. Mine too."
Me: "That's because you guys are sick."
Sidge: "We're sick?"
Me: "Yes."
Sidge: "Oh man. Well, does sick mean we can always watch a lot of TV?"

Hannah showing off her ABC's. 

I love the way Sidge explains things. He gets so detailed and animated and serious about the most trivial things. This video sort of captures this.

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