Sunday, November 08, 2015

Things that made me smile this week

When JB works late at night, Abigail will go to sleep in our bed, and then JB moves her when he gets home. It is a way she feels better about Daddy not being there when she goes to sleep. Last night I put a "barrier" up inbetween us so she would quit coming onto my side. Abigail said, "But Mommy? How are we going to 'nuggle'?"

JB's job is often "feast or famine." This week is a feast week -- he is working a ton! When he collapsed on the bed, exhausted, the four kiddos decided to each get a piece of him.

Abigail decided to take a rest on Scrubby.

And share her sweater with him. She thought he might be cold.

He is such a good dog.

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Emily said...

Abigail is a mini you!