Saturday, November 21, 2015

Adoption: Aaron & Kristen

In honor of National Adoption Month, I am revisiting a post from last year at this time. This wonderful family has since added a third child to their brood!

It's absolutely amazing how God places people in our lives at just the right times and just the right places.  We met John and Wendi when they were going through infertility.  We had always thought we would adopt, but had never actually walked along with another couple going through infertility.  A couple years later, we found ourselves working through our own infertility and reaching out to John and Wendy for their thoughts on domestic adoption.  We had been starting to work with a local adoption agency which, while a fabulous agency, just wasn't feeling right for us.  I will never forget Wendy telling me that they had looked at Bethany at one time, and she and John felt that it was a very reputable agency.

Fast forward another 8 months (and working with Bethany), and I was at work when my husband called to tell me a baby boy had been born that morning and his parents wanted us to adopt him.  Little did we know how different our lives would become in that one phone call.  The love and total awe we have for the fact that Noah is our son are beyond any words that I have.  It was truly love at first sight, and we couldn't ask for a more perfect fit for our family!  We are blessed way beyond anything we deserve or ever imagined. 

Two years later we were matched with a young lady who was having a little girl.  I was in the delivery room that June morning when Lillian was born.  There are no words to explain how humbling it was to watch Jamie (Lillian's birthmom) give birth to her daughter and hand her to me.  I still cry even writing about it :)  The true love it took for Jamie to carry Lillian and give birth to her and then to make a plan for us to raise her...  I am am speechless!

And now we find ourselves getting ready to start waiting for a third baby to join our family.  Even after being blown away by God's goodness through our first two adoptions, I find myself nervous and anxious about how this third baby will fit into our family.  And then I spend time with my two kids and remember that we have been truly blessed through adoption beyond anything we ever imagined or dreamed. 

***Update: Since I posted this family's story last year, they have added a THIRD adoption miracle to their brood! Congratulations Aaron & Kristen!

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