Monday, November 16, 2015

Friday Funnies

A little late this week, but here are a few smiles for you!


Sidge: "I have a new habit."
JB: "What is it?"
Sidge: "Instead of fighting with Abigail, I'm going to play nice with her. That's my habit."


Our new ram has been dutifully fulfilling his obligations. I have explained to Sidge the basics of why he is here and have had to answer more questions then I initially was planning. I especially emphasized that if we see Jerome on a ewe, it is not a bad thing. He is doing a good thing for our farm. So when Sidge saw Jerome on one of the ewes he turned to me and said, "Oh! Look! He's helping and being nice!"


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Jennifer said...

I can still remember being at my grandparent's farm and seeing the cows one morning. I asked my Nana what they were doing and without missing a beat she said "Oh, they just like to play with each other every morning"