Tuesday, November 24, 2015

24 Hours in Hannah Attire

Folks, I canNOT make this stuff up. 

Yesterday I decided that I would try to take pictures for 24 hours of everything Hannah wore. I didNOT get a picture of all outfits. Sometimes the change occurred too quickly for me to get a picture, or I was tied up. In addition, my friend Becky who was in town visiting informed me that Hannah had a series of changes that she did not take pictures of while I was doing some work outside with the animals.

I should also tell you that Hannah does all this changing HERSELF. She can get things facing the right direction and even switch around stuff that is inside out. (My older three cannot even do this.) She never puts shoes on the wrong feet, and these are all changes she does completely by herself.

Oh, and did I tell you she changed her own diaper two days ago? We have slip on diapers, and she came downstairs in a new one because she said she was "too wet."

She was not in the mood to have her picture taken this time.

That's a marker cap perched behind her ear.

She was in time-out for an hour after changing into this dress. She would not join us for dinner without crying so she had to sit in time-out until she was done crying. (She never did eat dinner.)

Did I mention it was 24 degrees out yesterday?

There's a purse in this look!

She and I did a run to Knoxville, and I asked Daddy to get her ready. This is what she picked out. (We stopped at four stores, and she took off her shoes and socks before each stop.)

This hat cracks me up. If the light hits it right, it does a disco ball in our house!

Mad at Abigail for wanting the shoes Hannah is wearing -- which BELONG to Abigail.

Eating Mango in sister's pajamas.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider doing with her wardrobe what you've done with yours?
Of course then she might start wearing Sidge and Isaac's clothes!