Saturday, November 14, 2015

We Bought a Farm: I Hate Flies

I'll be honest: I am loving farm life.

I'll be honest again: I HATE flies.

We have had a serious fly problem at our house. We had a guy come out to look at it, and he can't figure out what is wrong. All we know is that our brick house is very warm and the flies migrate to it like a duck on a June Bug. We also think that a chicken processing plant down the road is contributing.) We get flies by the thousands. They stick to our screens and anytime any door is cracked open, we have dozens in our house again.

Folks, I am not talking about a few flies here and there. I am talking like I will kill ... thirty ... and then an hour later there are thirty more. It is disgusting and I hate it. People who come to visit at first just sort of nicely nod when I tell them about my fly problem, but by the end of the visit they are saying things like, "Okay. Man. Yeah. This is bad." They will be coating our screen doors. This is not an issue of farming bringing in flies. Our neighbors are dealing with it too. Something is really up, and we cannot figure it out.

The flies are ...


When Shane was here, I got so fed up with the flies that I went outside to kill them -- which I never do. I know it is like throwing a dart at a mountain lion. But I was just so mad at the flies. I had no idea that Shane was filming me. I was a bit embarrassed by this video, but then decided, since I keep it real ... here is me ... having a conversation with myself about flies.

By the way: we got our first frost -- I'm so glad for winter -- if only to get a few months off of flies!

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