Friday, November 13, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Bring Jerome Home

I met my friend Karen through Heritage Home Scholars -- our amazing homeschool group. The first day, someone came up to me and said, "You have to meet Karen!" And they were right. Not only does she run a farm about 15 minutes from us, but she has two adopted children who are right at the same age as my kiddos. Her husband is a pastor, and they do a lot of "country" activities way out of my area of expertise. Their son Joshua is big into roping, they run chapels before rodeos, and do a lot of work with special needs children and adults and animals. 

It is always nice to have someone else you know at events you go to. I am getting to know a lot of ladies at the co-op, but seeing Karen, always makes me feel a little less shy. 

Even better? Karen happened to be raising the exact same kind of sheep that we are: Katahdin sheep. And even better than that? She had a ram that she was willing to let us borrow for a few months to hopefully, impregnate our ewes!

On Wednesday we went and picked up Jerome from Ms. Karen's house. But before we got Jerome, we got to meet their new baby goats -- who LOVED to climb on top of the kids!

That's Jada out to the right -- she's one year older than Abigail.

Yes that is Sidge underneath two goats.

I think Jada is dancing while Sidge is stood on. 

You can't even see Joshua in this photo -- but take my word for it, he is one cute kiddo -- Sidge absolutely ADORES him.

Sidge loved the experience.

You really can't see Joshua in this photo. And yes, that's a chicken under Sidge's arm. 

And here is a picture of Jerome (the black sheep) after he joined the flock. The pigs didn't want anything to do with him and either did the sheep. But within 24 hours, they were all friends!

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