Monday, November 30, 2015


Took Hannah to get her two year shots today. (Two months late. Oh well.)

I had the older three with me and had them sit against a wall while Hannah was getting her shots. Midway through, I looked over. Abigail had her hands over her eyes. Isaac had his face scrunched up. And Sidge. My sweet, sweet Sidge. He had HUGE crocodile tears rolling down his chubby cheeks. Oh what a sweet boy.

I explained to him that this is how I feel as a Mommy. I hate that my child is in pain but know that they must endure the pain for the greater good.

And I told them that's how God feels too. When we are crying, He is crying with us. But He can see the end of the story.

And it is good!


Heather K said...

It's always so hard knowing they are hurting even though it's needed and is better in the long run. I hate having to give shots at the clinic.
By the way, I think you meant 2 year shots... She's a little too big to be getting 2 month shots 😉 And way too active :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

You are right Heather. Edited!