Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Some Shane Snaps

Our friend from Turkey, Shane, came to visit us on the farm. His wife was attending a conference in D.C. He took a few fotos that I wanted to share!

First stop for Shane: Chik-fil-A! He had been back in the states a few days and had eaten at Chik-fil-A every single day. It's one of the places we overseas people miss a lot!

Sidge discussing the origins of the universe with the sheep.

JB loves his new life!

The pigs love belly rubs.

Prairie girl.

JB's mom made this dress for her oldest daughter Elizabeth. Abigail LOVES it.

Scrubs showing off his permanently dirty face. He runs through the wet grass on the farm and gets muddy like this ... constantly. I actually am giving up on bathing him.

Shane caught Scrubs' new pose. He does this all the time!

Isaac with one of the unlucky males.

Our ducks before we processed 10 males. (We had too many males which would have lead to bad fighting as they got more sexually mature.)

A picture of Mr. Shane before saying good bye. He played SO much with the kiddos.

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