Thursday, November 26, 2015

John & Becky visit the farm

I really love this picture of Becky and I (below):

Honestly, every time Becky comes to visit, I am reminded of how fast life can change and what you think will be a forever season in your life will pass and things will change and you won't be sad forever.

Becky and I met at Eglin. Our husbands worked together, but we found ourselves truly becoming friend because of the mutual childlessness we were both experiencing. Our journeys were both different but both long and gut-wrenching. 

And then we blinked and ... there were SIX children between us. I love this picture (below). We had left Hannah home with Grama and gone out to lunch at a beautiful spot about 30 minutes from our home. Look at all these faces!

From left: Isaac (7), Jonah (4), Joshua (5), Sidge (6), and Abigail (4)

John x 2 holding their boys: Jonah and Joshua

Sidge loves when friends come to visit, and he is already asking when these two guys are coming back! But if you ever wonder if a picture tells the whole story ...

.... a reminder that you never know what is truly happening unless you see it in person.

So sweet.

Joshua and Sidge. These two had a blast at the farm. They both have the spirit! They loved going and just sitting with the animals and taking care of them and played together so much.

Ahhhh, my Hannah. Why yes it is 40 degrees outside, and she has stripped down to a tank-top. This little chick-a-dee is such a PIECE OF WORK!

The coolest thing that happened during their weekend visit was that BOTH of their boys learned how to ride their bikes!

Okay so they had to learn on a purple and pink bike. But trust me -- these boys are going to be getting some cool bikes for Christmas. I guarantee it! It was so neat to be present for these awesome moments in the lives of this family. Because the boys were adopted from South Korea, they didn't come home until well into toddlerhood which means that many big moments are missed. This is a moment that we will all remember for a very long time and such a huge part of childhood!

Such a sweet picture of Jonah.

I am so excited that for at least the next two years, John and Becky are only a few hours away in North Carolina, and we will hopefully get to see them a lot. John is still in the military so no idea where life will take them after that. But hopefully somewhere east coast!

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