Monday, November 30, 2015

Stayed up way too late reading ... again

I know a book is good when I just don't want to go to sleep at night. I have four little kiddos and therefore sleep is a priority to me. But when I am reading and just don't want to stop ... I know I have a great book in my hands.

Another thing that always lets me know whether or not the book really worked for me is whether the characters stick with me. When I am done reading, am I still thinking about them -- their choices and plights and concerns.

Julie Lessman accomplished both of these things ... yet again. Man I love her books!

Here I am, the morning after staying up into the night reading, just continuing to think about these characters. I think that is the thing I love most about Julie Lessman. The way she paints the characters is incredibly brilliant. And the way she teachers you, so subtly, about the truth from God's word? Equally impressive.

I have raved about Julie Lessman's books on my Blog previously and this review will follow suit. The Isle of Hope lived up to everything I hoped another Lessman book would be. While I can't put it in front of the three series I read ("Daughters of Boston", "Winds of Change", and "Heart of San Francisco") it was definitely right up there. (It will take a lot to ever move in front of those series. They were SO good!)

A young couple torn apart by circumstances out of both of their control reunites. And while you do think you know, most of the time, how the book will end, Julie always manages to throw in a plot twist that you never saw coming that works in the story and is very believable. It actually makes me want to go back and reread the book and see if I can find the clues to that plot twists arrival!

Again ... if you haven't read a Lessman book ... it is time. And lucky for you, you can try her out for only 99 cents. Simply click here and take a stab at a 99 cent Kindle book: A Light in the Window -- the prequel to her "Daughters of Boston" series.

Also, I want to take a moment to add a bit of a P.S. to this post. I am always very cautious when recommending books that deal with infertility or adoption. Lessman does touch on these topics in many of her books. Isle of Hope has a very small subplot dealing with the topic of adoption. It is a very minor part of the story but enough that I want to make sure readers are forewarned.

I actually have been encouraged to do a post on the phrase "gave her up" after reading this in a few books recently. It's a phrase that I believe needs to be removed from the way we talk about adoption. I don't believe Isaac's birthmom "gave him up." I believe she "gave him a home". Anyways, this has very little to do with this review ... sorry for the sidetrack!

Back to the fact at hand ... Julie Lessman ... AWESOME!!!!! I have to check but am worried I have read everything of her's. Not sure how I will wait for something else.

P.S. Please let me know if you choose to read Julie's books! I'd love to hear how you like them.


Rachel said...

I took your recommendation and got A Light in the Window for my Kindle for our Thanksgiving travels - and stayed up too late reading. :-) I'll be looking for more at the library!

Julie Lessman said...

WENDI!!!!! You did it again, girlfriend, blessed the socks off of me!!! Can't thank you enough for all your support -- you are AMAZING!!

And, RACHEL, BLESS YOU for reading ALITW -- that blesses me too!

Both of you need to let me know if you post a review anywhere (Amazon, Goodreads, you blog), so I can give you points in my newsletter contest, okay? Wendi, you now have another point for this review for IOH on your blog (total of 7), so let me know if you post it anywhere else, okay?

SOOO appreciate you guys!!

Hugs and more hugs,